Tragic Events in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton: How You Can Help

Three (3) tragic events have occurred over the past several days and in response, ECI would like to provide our community with ways they can help. On Sunday, July 28th in Gilroy, California, three (3) people were killed and sixteen (16) were injured while attending the Gilroy Garlic Festival. On Saturday, August 3rd, twenty-two (22) people were killed, and twenty-two (22) others were injured at a shopping center in El Paso, Texas. Less than a day later, nine (9) people were killed, and twenty-seven (27) others were injured when a gunman opened fire in a historic nightlife district in Dayton, Ohio.

Many of the wounded are still recovering and the families of those who lost loved ones are remembering them in vigils and community events.

Here are some ways to help the victims and communities impacted by these tragedies.

ECI Board of Directors and Staff send our best wishes to everyone affected by the tragic events in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton. The victims and communities are in our thoughts and prayers.