Online Exams with Remote Live Proctoring Now Available

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) has launched the following Online Exam Bundles through Prometric:

  • Part A Rules and Regulations
  • Qualified Stormwater Manager (QSM)
  • CESSWI (US)CESSWI SI (International)
  • CPESC (US) & CPESC SI (International)
  • CPSWQ (US) & CPSWQ SI (International)

Anyone interested in purchasing an exam bundle mentioned above may submit an exam request by completing a Prometric Testing Request form, which can be found on ECI's website at:

ECI is currently working on CPMSM and CPISM, which will launch late summer once staff has finished the General Principles recordings.

Please contact ECI at or call (828) 655-1600 if you should have any questions.

EnviroCert Professional Certifications
will advance your career
Professional Certification provides peers, supervisors, municipalities, courts of law, and the general public assurances that the individual has demonstrated an elevated standard of excellence and fulfilled a set of standards and requirements in their respective field(s).

EnviroCert (ECI) is an International Non-Profit Organization that administers five (5) Professional Certification Programs in the United States and over forty four (44) countries and has certified over 40,000 professionals over the past forty (40) years. This is the only stormwater and environmental organization that has a demonstrated accreditation compliant program that grants individuals with Professional Certifications. It is this history and excellence that has made EnviroCert the leader in this field.
Why Get Certified?

A Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) embraces the science of surface erosion and sediment control. This practice also specializes in the study and subsequent reduction of the adverse effects of environmental pollutants, whether natural or manmade, as it relates to soil, water, and air.

CPESC is the only professional certification recognized by the EPA as a qualified erosion control specialist, as referenced in the 2017 NPDES General Permit for Discharges from Construction Activities.

CPESC is the only professional certification recognized by the EPA whose professionals are designated as qualified to prepare stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs).

Welcome to EnviroCert

EnviroCert International, Inc.® (ECI) is a Non Profit Organization whose purpose is to elevate knowledge and inspire conservation of the global environment through professional certification. ECI is the national leader in stormwater certification industry. EnviroCert was established to provide guidelines for the practice of Stormwater Quality (CPSWQ), Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Municipal Stormwater Management (CPMSM), Stormwater Inspections (CESSWI), and Industrial Stormwater Management (CPISM).


Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control™

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Certified Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Inspector™



The Certified Professional in Stormwater Quality ™



The Certified Professional in Municipal Stormwater Management ™



The Certified Professional in Industrial Stormwater Management ™


Certificate of Training



Qualified Stormwater Manager ™



Why Get Certified?

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is an international, accreditation compliant, certification body recognized throughout the United States and over twenty (20) countries with over 30,000 certifications awarded over forty (40) years. Whether you are a professional looking to enrich your career and increase job opportunities, an organization looking to hire candidates that have been certified as professionals in the field, or an agency that wants to set your employees apart, ECI is your pathway to success.

Have Confidence in Your Project –
When You Have Confidence in Your People

By employing certified professionals you can be confident that you have a team member who truly comprehends the processes and procedures surrounding your projects’ needs.


Search the International Registry of Certified Professionals in Environmental Specialties to find professionals in: Erosion and Sediment Control; Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Inspection; Municipal Stormwater Management; Stormwater Quality.

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About EnviroCert

EnviroCert offers internationally recognized professional certifications. Each certification is designed to address different aspects of regulation, design, and inspection for the construction, municipal, stormwater modeling and hydrology, and multi-sector/industrial fields.

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